[review] BRAVESTORE - Star Stockings

First of all let me apologize for my tardiness on reviewing these stockings, I’ve been quite busy lately and couldn’t find the time to review them properly. This is my first review so bear with me for a while please :)

So, last week I got on my mail these Star Stockings from BraveStore for only 8$!

They said it would take around 15/25 to get them and they arrived perfectly on time!

I got them in a dark grey package which I didn’t take a picture since my kitties ruined it thinking it was their new toy lol

Anyways, inside the dark grey package there were the stockings with a super cute heartshaped panflet/card? hehe

Now about the stockings. They are GREAT! They’re really great quality, hard to get “holes” and runs but very soft at the same time. I really like the materials they used to make it.

Heres a close up ( bless my sister legs lol )

As you can see they look pretty smooth and soft and THEY ARE!

Usually when you wear stockings they tend to enlarge by themselves or something like that but these ones won’t. My sister is 145cm and I’m 166cm, I wore them after my sister and when she tried to use them again the size just adjusted itself to her size :)

I’m giving these stockings a 10/10 for their quality, materials and price!

BraveStore is a great store which I highly recommend you to visit and buy from them. I can assure you you’ll be satisfied with their products :)

Hope you enjoyed this review and visit their store, but be careful you might fall in love with their products.

Thank you and see you on my next review~~ ♥

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